10 Years Experience
With more than 10 years of export experience, we are very familiar with the customs and regulations of various countries, and we can realize the maximum benefit of you.
Flexible and Open
We have the capacity to ship loads of mixed products in full containers, and find the right supplier according to the special needs, promoting better efficiency in your ingredient's supply chain.
Professional after-sales support
The time difference will not affect our office, we are online 24 hours a day, 365 days, anytime to listen to your demands, to solve your trouble.
Chinese company, International experience
We are an outstanding company, with deep sectoral knowledge of our market and yours. We know how to help you make the most of your business in your market.
Product range used by multinationals
We stock the best, most innovative and most useful ingredients suited to your market. We constantly examine and update our offerings to reflect the needs of our customers.
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Office Address: Room 301, Ruizejiayuan Community, Jingbin Industrial Park, Tianjin, China QQ: 422675592 / 434917512  Whats App: 13752540033 
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